This month I only have 3 books to add to my list, as I haven’t finished some of my picks from last month. I have been doing very well on my reading goal for this year so far, which I am very proud of myself for that. I have always had a reading goal every year and most years I don’t do very well on it, but not the case right now and its only March.


So my first book this month is one I bought in January, but just kept on my desk and never actually picked up to read. So far I have read a couple of Chapters and I am enjoying it right now, its something I have been keeping with me in my bag to read when I have some down time.

The Improbability of Love – Hannah Rothschild


My second book is one I saw on Reese Witherspoons Book Club page on Instagram, and It caught my attention. I saw recently they are maybe turning this into a movie, so I would really like to read it before that happens. I know this writer has another novel out that I too would love to read, so I’ll add that as a bonus this month. That book is called Everything I Never Told You 

Little Fires Everywhere – Celeste Ng


My third and final book for this month is actually a cook book. I love collecting cook books and making recipes out of them for my weekly meals and lately I have been feeling the need to get a new one. I like a lot of different kinds, vegan, veg, etc I don’t have a real preference for types just one that honestly have doable and affordable recipes in it.

Tartine All Day: Modern Recipes For The Home Cook- Elisabeth Prueitt


I hope you enjoyed this quick little book round up for the month, I really look forward to checking these books out. Let us know what your reading or wanting to read this month. I will most likely in June do a reading round up of all the books I have read large and small, and maybe do a brief review on them for you.


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