As most people do now, I love reading a good blog and I normally check the blogs everyday as part of a routine. So I decided to tell you all about some of my favorite blogs that I love, and that some of you may also love and follow as well. Let me know some of your favorite blogs in the comments or on Twitter or by a Pin me some. I’d love to hear from you.

  • A Beautiful Mess– I have seriously been a fan and a follower of Elsie since before she had her own scrapbooking line. She is my inspiration and I will always love everything she does.
  • Kelly Purkey– Again another person I have been following for years, I love how she took her once scrapbook only blog and created something magical. She is a perfect mix of a crafty blog and a overall lifestyle blogger.
  • Elise Blaha Cripe– This has been a blog that I again have followed for many years and continue to love as it grows and changes and I even love her PODCAST ,I have listened to it since day one. And her two kiddos are the sweetest little ones ever.
  • Kendi Everyday– I have to say I found this blog while on was another blog (can’t remember the name) and I instantly loved it, her fashion post are huge inspiration for me, I feel as if I can relate her to picks for outfits and they’re something I can see myself wearing. Almost every single one of her outfits I’m “ooh” and “omg I love that”.
  • UnFancy–  I found this blog while I was listening to a Jess Lively Podcast on how to create a capsule wardrobe since then I have followed her, her blog really helped me get into the mind set of living on less which came in handy for my life recently. Here is another podcast about her
  • Jess Lively– I really started with her podcast that I had seen other bloggers talk about and her podcast were on the new and noteworthy section of Itunes Podcast page, I really enjoy her show and so I checked her blog and I love the post she puts on and all different topics, great read.
  • Atlantic/Pacific– I heard about her from A beautiful mess’ blog, where Elsie did a post on her favorite fashion blogs and I have loved it since. Her style is amazing and I would seriously want her closet as my own. She knows a thing or two about pattern combinations.
  • Gal Meets Glam– I love her style, her travels and of course her blog. I first found her through Pinterest while scrolling (as you do) for a while on hair styles, and since then she is one of my top bloggers.
  • Buy Now, Blog Later– Laura was a You Tuber that I absolutely loved watching, it was crazy if she recommended a makeup product I’d have to go out and look for it. She stopped YouTube I was bummed, but she later came back with this blog and It’s the affect all over, even if i can’t afford a product or a fashion pick I still look into it and add it to the one day list in my head, I love her picks and her blog.
  • Refinery29– This one is like a daily staple, I love all the interesting articles. Its like a great online newspaper with topics I actually like to read.
  • Apartment Therapy– This is the site I go to for home decor inspiration, its a great site and has a great community surrounding it. I think one of my favorite post they do is the home tours from all over the world, I love looking at how others decorate their areas from other people and from other places in the world.
  • Design*Sponge– another one of my favorite home decor/lifestyle blogs, I really find the space and the articles they put out there super inspiring.
  • Brit+Co– This site is great, I really love all the DIY’s and the articles they have on new or trending topics. Such a fun and easy read site.
  • The Everygirl– This sire has a lot of great articles about money, career, just lifestyle topics in general. I really enjoy reading a lot of the business and career post they put up, for me its a great read for little inspirations.

*So there you have it some of my favorite blogs, Let me know what some of your favorite ones are and let me know if you’d like to see a post on some of my favorite YouTubers.

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