I have a slight eye-shadow palette obsession. I wont lie I love all make up, but eyes and lips are my favorite. I have been looking at a couple palettes at Sephora trying to figure out which one I really want to buy ( If I could I’d buy them all).

  1. Urban Decay Naked Heat -C$66.00 I am in love with this one, just the packaging in beautiful, then you open and look at the warm colors and I just drool. This is at the top of my list. Urban Decay has always been one of my faviorte brands since I can remember.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance– C$55.00

To some this maybe like the one above, but as any makeup junkie will say “It’s not, it’s so different…” well I love it. The warm mauve, pinkish colors have always looked good on me, and I have heard its a great palette to have in a collection. This is one I am considering for spring time this year.

3. Kat Van D Shade + Light Eye Contour– C$62.00

This I have heard so much about and everyone seems to love it, I know its been on the market for a while, but I tend to wait for the hype of products to be over before I really add it to a list of mine. This is an all matte palette but for me I love the look of an all matte eye or a look with just a little but of matte color in the crease and just some blush, mascara, and a little bit of lip product ( think french girl everyday makeup). I just think this would be a major travel or everyday staple in my vanity.

4. Dior 5 Couleurs– C$72.00

OK, so firstly I know this is a costly little palette, but Dior quality is great and I love their formulas of powders. Secondly the colors in here are a bit off the wall and not my usual picks but to have a choice of these colors I would love it. I would wear them all together but with a neutral eye and then  just a little additive of the color from here would be beautiful especially in the coming spring/summer months. I have been really going back and forth on it but I hoping that as a gift maybe I will get it ( hint, hint )

There you have it, my picks for some new palettes I want to add to my collection, there are more but this was my favorite for the coming months. What do you think, do you have any ones that you would like to add to your collection? let us know in the comments below

Happy Sunday 🙂

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