It’s the middle of winter and I am already getting the feeling like I need to freshen up my home, maybe it’s the weather or maybe it’s because we are still fresh into the new year. Whatever it may be here are some of my tips to help you do a “before spring refresh” of your home.

TIP 1: Make a plan for what you think you need to do

When I have something on my mind for pretty much anything I write it down, this is the number one way I can stay on top of things and how I remember exactly what I was wanting to do. If you are like me this will help you get organized enough to motivate yourself to actually do the work. Many times I will go to start a project, and if I haven’t written down or planned the basics of what I set out to do, I get distracted and end up not following through the way I had in my head. Write down the rooms and what you want to get done in each of them and how you need to go about getting it done.


TIP 2: Set a timer for each task on your plan

This is my little secret I have for myself, I have to give each task or each thing I want to do a time limit. If need more time I just set another timer for the 5 more minutes depending on the task. I like to stick to 5,10, 15, 30 and 40 min time limits, it gives me a little push to try beat the timer and its also just a great time management skill.


TIP 3: Background noise

This one might be hard for some, but for me I find music or even a TV show I’ve seen a hundred times over, really helps me to get in the mood to clean or tidy. Sometimes you just need a little background distraction to complete task that you dread ( for me its folding laundry).


Tip 4: Get rid of the clutter, choose what you love

This is a tired and true tip, but its one of the ride or die ones. No matter what else you do or buy, if you do not clean up and de-clutter the spaces in your home, its not worth it. In order for me to feel refreshed and at home again I know for a fact that all the clutter and random stuff needs to go or be properly put away. For me it all goes back to tip 1 with this one, in order for me to really get into a space and clean it up I need my plan of what I am doing for each space, then I look over what I did and decide if I need other storage to help me with the stuff. I like to think of the things I know I want to keep first and put it aside, the rest is just a simple decision you have to make.


TIP 5: Time to air it out

I love this one, it makes me feel better and like I did something when all I did was maybe open the windows and let everything be aired out for 5-10 minutes. Yes, I even do this in the winter time ( maybe not as long as I do in the other seasons), all you need is to crack the windows and let all the dry heater air escape out and the crisp new winter air in. I suggest maybe turning off the heaters for just 5 minutes while the window is open, trust me this one is worth it, all the stiffness and yuck in the air that you feel in winter, and the feeling of being closed in just leaves when I do this, its great.


TIP 6: Change up the decor

Each time I want to freshen up an area, or I just feel blah in the space, I will look at the decor and see if there is something I want to change. It can be as simple as taking a throw pillow from one chair and moving it out into the bedroom, or It can be as extreme as painting a wall and completely going in a different direction with the vibe. This one is a personal choice of what you maybe feeling in that time and in that space. I personally get a little bored with seeing the same items day after day, that many times I will change things to fit what I am feeling or drawn to. Your space is a reflection of you, as you change so should the space you live in. To me the home should feel like a big hug when you walk in the front door, and if hanging a new picture on the wall, or adding a new lamp to the side table does that for you then I say go on do it.


*So there are some of my quick tips on how to do a refresh in your home, If you enjoyed this leave a comment and let us know, Also feel free to send us some of your tips and ideas for refreshing the home, or any ideas you have for content you would like to see.



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